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To learn how to change brakes on a truck

Title: Kenneth Anderson

Know your calipers: The majority of cars have a "sliding caliper" brake assembly . That's what's shown in the photo above. Compare this brake assembly to the one in your car. Other cars have "fixed caliper" assemblies. The pads in fixed-caliper brakes are also easy to change but the process is slightly different, so we'll cover it in another instructional piece. Do one side, then the other: For reasons that will be clear later, you should change the pads on one side of the car from start to finish before doing the other side. Also, since you're doing one side at a time, turn the steering wheel so that the wheel you're working on is angled out for better access to the brakes. Now we can get started. Steps for changing your brake pads Remove the wheel Remove the slider bolt Pivot the caliper up Slide out the old brake pads Replace the retaining clips Slide in the new brake pads Retract the pistons Monitor the brake fluid level Reposition the caliper Reinstall the slider bolt