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Purpose of text:
Two explore new ways of thinking about text.

Title: ERIC's Text Test

Darkest Dungeon Written By Alexander Sabad Two people sit in a car behind a stop light and look at a sign in front of a house that reads ‘free kittens’. The driver wonders if it would actually be safe to take the free kittens. The passenger noted how nice the house looked and how it is probably safe. The light turned green and the car moved toward their house. The driver pulls into the driveway and the passenger looks at their front yard and wonders if someone would take free kittens from their yard. They walk inside to check their messages on the computer and one of them hoped one of the messages would be confirmation (s)he got the job. It was time to pay the bills. The grass outside grew a little and some of the people watered it. Some of the people mowed it. Meanwhile, as the foundation of some of these houses are unmaintained, some random person meets some other random person wearing their best smile.