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Title: Removing Excess - Mike Vallon

Here are several popular foods by country.
Italy Italy is renowned for a cusisine that is often carbhydrate heavy, with inclusion of several common ingredient and spice combinations. Often popular is tomato, for example, which can be seen in
  • Pizza
  • . Another quite popular, carb-heavy italian food would be
  • Pasta
  • , especially using tomato sauce. And if you find yourself in Italy, you will undoubtedly see plenty of cafes which offer
  • Espresso
  • as a common drink regardless of the temperature of the weather outside.
Germany Germany is known for it's heavy and hearty food and drink, including their assortment of micro and macro brewed beer. Often when German cuisine is discussed, one of the first items mentioned is
  • Schnitzel
  • which is a thin cut of pork battered and fried, often served with lemon or fruit marmalade. Another quite common dish often seen for sale by street vendors is
  • Currywurst
  • which is a type of tomato and curry spice sausage, often served with fries. It's a beloved street item alongside kebab. If you should find yourself in a German resturant and ask for water, you will need to specify if you would like non-bubbly water, seeing as
  • Mineralwasser
  • is a very standard and common type of water served there.
Mexico Mexico is arguably the most popular foreign cuisine in regards to American culture given the sheer amount of Mexican inspired resturants in comparison to any other ethnic styles of food. Typically though Mexican food is given a Texan/Southern American hybrid twist, especially regarding items like
  • Tacos
  • which can look quite different in Mexico, especially compared to what we think of our fast food or casual dining experiences. To a lesser extent but still important to note is that there are differences in things even such as
  • Enchiladas
  • which are quite popular in resturants. Aside from the differences in food though, one thing that is popular in Mexico, especially amongst childen is
  • Horchata
  • which is a type of iced rice milk and cinnamon beverage which is quite delicious.
This video will explore some of the most popular foods from various cultures and countries around the world.