Student: Maddie McFly
Year: 2015-2016
Main Goal (Target Completion Date: 2015-10-17)
During language arts, social studies, and science, Norah will read grade-level texts with vocabulary she knows at eighty-five words per minute.
Benchmark (mini goal to get you to the main goal)
During language arts, social studies, and science, Norah will read grade-level texts with vocabulary she knows at fifty-five words per minute.
Interventions (wahat are you doing to get them to the mini goal)
Which evidence based intervention will be used?

Direct Instruction with Reading Mastery (see video below if you are unfamiliar with this technique)

How will the intervention be individualized?

In learning support class: Provide Maddie with practice in reading passages she will read aloud in the large group as well as passages from Reading Mastery II Try to find passages with animals or humor (interest-based). Use direct instructionprocedures and Reading Mastery II curriculum to improve fluency. When Maddie reads the passage without errors and at least sixty words per minute, praise her and move on to another passage. If Maddie reads a passage with more than three errors or less than sixty words per minute, give her praise and repeat the passage.

In classwide group reading: Give Maddie opportunities to read passages that she has mastered. If Maddie makes an error that she does not correct while reading, stop her, point to the word, offer the correction, and then allow her to move on. Praise her for her effort.

At home: Let Maddie select the books. Alternate between reading to her and having her read. Correct errors and have her begin again at the start of the sentence containing the error. After reading, praise her for her effort.

Progress Record Notes (extended notes and evidence from the progress record shown here)
Maddie sure did read a lot today. Mom sent a note that she was a little tired in the evening, but wanted to finish the story she chose. Mr. Fisk in science reported Maddie was able to pull the pertinent information for a jigsaw they were doing on sea coast formations.
Worked with Beth on some specific decoding skills
Progress Record
a b c d
10-17 1 1 1 0
10-18 1 1 0 0
10-19 1 2 0 0
10-21 1 0 0 0
10-22 0 2 0 0
10-23 2 2 0 0
10-28 2 2 0 0
11-01 2 3 2 0
11-05 3 3 0 0
11-10 3 4 0 0
11-15 0 4 0 0
11-20 4 4 0 0
05-11 3 4 2 0
05-13 4 4 3 0
05-14 3 3 4 0
05-14 4 3 3 0
07-24 3 3 2 0
Data Collection Setting/Occasions
a General education class
b Learning support class
c Home
Progress Scale
4 55 words per minute or more
3 50-54 words per minute
2 45-49 words per minute
1 Fewer than 45 words per minute