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The Comprehensive Social Studies Assessment Project created units in two phases from 2002 to the present. The units in the first phase highlighted instructional strategies that were based on research-based best practices in social studies. The second phase of development still highlighted the use of research-based best practices but adapted and aligned the strategies to scaffold learning in order to enhance student thinking. The units from the second phase of development are available on the CSSAP website to member states. The units from the first phase of development have been archived.

The units from both phases of development contain a skills and best practices section that describes each strategy as it was used in the unit and provides a web link to the research and additional information. In order to preserve and collect all the work done for the units from both phases of development, the SCASS CSSAP work group decided to extract and collect all of this information in one electronic document.

The compilation process often resulted in two or more descriptions of the same strategy, but since one type of strategy was and should be used in different ways in different units [alignment] the multiple descriptions were kept. Therefore, this compilation will often have two or more descriptions of the same type of strategy with a slightly different focus and wording and with different web links for the research. The purpose of the compilation was to collect all the work that had been done and make it available to member states.

Researched, adapted, and aligned by: Robert V. Jervis, Consultant to CCSSO and CSSAP
Compiled and edited by: Joann Farrish Prewitt, Chair of CSSAP
April, 2008