People love the examples of report cards that my colleague Tom Guskey shares during his workshops, but had great difficulty actually putting them into practice because a SIS is not built to pilot ideas. This was also the case with the inclusive grading model by Lee Ann Jung. SIS are cruise liners when people need a speed boat. SnapShot is the tool I developed to help schools implement these different types of report cards and was the foundation for developing and delivering the KY Model. Try the demo site above using the username and password 101.

MeasureUP is a tool I created with Lee Ann Jung to support the desing and monitoring of intervention plans (RTI, GT or whatever floats your boat). See article. You can just register for an acocunt and get started.

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Basic Standards Based Report Card

This is basically pulling out the process elements normally included in a grade and reporting them seperately. We have had schools at all three levels use some variation of this report card to explore the SBR approach.

Elementary w/ Strands This is a example of what a report card could look like with strands, course descriptions, and individual comments (when necessary).
Another Elementary Here is an example from Fayette County. Lot's of similar elements, but they have incorporated the use of "strands" within subjects. If something isn't covered in a reporting period that strand is left out rather than having a bunch of blanks or "not assessed". All the process/behavior type stuff is reported in the homeroom course.
And Another Elementary A variation of the Fayette Card used in Madison.
Secondary w/ Strands This is a example of what a secondary report card could look like with strands, course descriptions, and individual comments (when necessary). The secondary one has an overall academic achievement grade (this is what is used for GPA purposes) and the process elements are a little different from elementary.
Presentation My slides I use during workshops
Spreadsheet Grade Scenarios
A District Website The link to the left will take you to the Wauwatosa School District grading section of their site. I think they have done a great job leading the work in their district and have created an explanation section that is a really nice resource for other districts to use.
Another District This link is to the Solon Schools in Iowa. They have a diffferent approach than Wauwatosa. There are lots of ways to look at rethinking your grading system. The right way is the way that meets your purpose. Don't forget to evaluate wether or not it actually is!
EJHS Policy Grading policies for East Jessamine High School. Notice the retake policies. A lot of folks don't change everything. I think the take away is change something for the better even if you don't change everything. Eventually you will find oyu have something completely different from where you started.

For those considering department/discipline level rubrics, here's one from a school in NY (click to enlarge)

Here's a quick video on creating a pivot tables to examine relationship between scores
(teacher assigned grades vs. external measure)