The purpose of this report is to communicate the level of achievement on academic standards, as well as, work habits.

Student: Terrence Jones
Reporting Period: 3
Academic Year: 2011-2012
Teacher: Coach Cal
0 Tardies
1 Absences
45.00 Total Days Present
Academic Legend
E Excellent Progress
S Satisfactory Progress
I Improvement Needed

Work Habits Legend
4 All the Time
3 Most of the Time
2 Some of the Time
1 Rarely/with assistance

Math S
In math, your student has been reviewing and learning more about number sense from 0-20. We are learning how to count on as well as count back from a specific number. These skills are preparing and introducing your child to addition and subtraction concepts, which we will begin learning during the remainder of the the school year. Anthony is doing well in his math class.

Reading S
In Reading, your student has been reviewing and learning about important literacy concepts such as: setting, character, cause/effect, main idea, compare/contrast, realism/fantasy. We are also learning how to listen to the elements of the story while we are reading. This is helping your child's comprehension level. We are also learning about diagraphs, consonant blends,vowel combinations, and word families. Amar is doing well reading, however, still needs a lot of motivation to complete his work. We are trying to learn how to work independently without needing consistant help.

Writing I
In writing, your student has been practicing their ability to sound out words and apply this from pencil to paper. We have also been learning about the different types of sentences (excited, telling, question) and the proper punctuation that goes with each. Your student is working hard to remember to use details such as adjectives and verbs in their writing as well as to include finger spaces for neatness.
3 Listens and follows directions
2 Demonstrates confidence and independence
4 Follows classroom rules
3 Uses time wisely/stays on task
4 Respects school property
4 Cooperates with a group
3 Participates in all activities
Amar's behavior is wonderful. I am very proud of his progress and his ability to listen to our reading discussions. He is a wonderful little boy.


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