Case Title: 2. Rethinking Grading Part 2

Element Title: Prove it! (13 of 13)

Still working on the Prove-It! for the SBG cases, but here's a placeholder.

Element Assessment: Prove-It!

Using a 100 point percentage scale makes your grades objective and meaningful.
The more levels you have in a scoring scale increases the influence of subjectivity of individual teachers.
High percentages indicate high levels of difficulty or rigor.
You can't use averaging when doing standards based grading approaches.
A task can have a high degree of difficulty, but a low level of complexity.
When using strands (sometimes called competencies) in a grading and reporting scheme, you should have a large number of the (at least 8)
Process scores are a valuable piece of information to have about a student.
If you collect data, it should be included in the calculation of the final grade.