Case Title: 1) P2P as a Professional Learning Design_old

Element Title: Partnering Up, Continued ( of 8)

Other suggestions for partnering up:

When contacting the teacher in person, consider taking a copy of the Kentucky Framework for Teaching (KyFft) or the  Specialist Framework with you.

Including a word of appreciation or support in your initial message could make all the difference in the way it is received.

Peer observer perspective:

"In answering my questions, their passion for their jobs and their students’ success was evident. I think they enjoyed being able to share their choices with  someone who was genuinely interested. I also found myself considering how I could incorporate their successful strategies in my own classroom. My curriculum  is different, but every course of study should include challenging content, clarity of difficult concepts, structure, and smooth transitions."

 Click here to download the article to read how Angie Gunter, Daviess County high school teacher, one teacher approached being paired with teachers from other  content areas. 

Stephanie Alvis, Olmsted Elementary, Logan County
David Drennan, Union County High School, Union County