Case Title: 1) P2P as a Professional Learning Design_old

Element Title: Growth Mindset Feedback ( of 8)


Picture of a boat.Spend a few minutes to consider your growth as an educator from your first day in the classroom until now. Recognizing what you didn't know then but know now, consider how this new perspective can direct your interactions with colleagues. 


In the box below, reflect on your role as a peer oberver in light of the following questions.

  • What benefits will a growth mindset yield in the peer observation process? 

  • What barriers to completing an effective peer observation do you anticipate or have experienced? 

  • How might you adjust your strategies to overcome barriers?

  • What concerns do you have about building rapport and conducting the pre-conference? 

Element Assessment: Try it! Growth Mindset Feedback

Reflect on your role as a peer observer.