Case Title: 1) P2P as a Professional Learning Design_old

Element Title: The Pre-Conference Conversation ( of 8)

The P2P process works to support teachers in collaborating to answer these essential questions about student learning:

1. What are we trying to accomplish?    

2. What changes can we make that will lead to an improvement in student learning?                        

3. How will we know this change is an improvement?  

.Improvement Science


Additionally, schools may have different goals for the P2P process, and these goals should be integrated into the process from the beginning.  It may be helpful to spend time with the teacher or other professional to become comfortable with one another and the Kentucky Framework for Teaching  or Specialist Framework. Remember to ground the discussion and the pre-observation conference in these documents. Here are some suggestions:

  • Build rapport
  • Discuss challenges and contexts
  • Review the KyFfT or Specialist Framework
  • Agree upon a focus for the observation
  • Agree upon a mode (in person, live stream, or digital video) and time of the observation
  • Discuss the type of data to be collected (scripting, descriptions, tick marks, diagrams)    
  • Confirm understanding of the process and how the evidence collected will be stored and shared  
  • Reach an agreement with the observee concerning the expectations of the P2P process   
  • Arrive at a mutual understanding of an appropriate follow-up plan for a post observation conference and extended opportunities for collaboration
  • Share the lesson plan and context for lesson          

Listen as Angie Sellers and Melissa Howard of Harlan Middle School, Harlan Independent School District, discuss how to prepare for the observation. Note any helpful ideas you hear.

Angie Sellers and Melissa Howard

Harlan Middle School, Harlan Independent