Case Title: 1) P2P as a Professional Learning Design_old

Element Title: Establishing a Focus, Continued ( of 8)

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Why establish a focus:

  • An observee may want a peer observer to focus the observation on a component or two from the Kentucy Framework for Teaching KyFfT that has been identified as his or her Professional Growth Goal through self-reflection
  • An observee may have received student feedback indicating a learning need within the framework

Before concluding the pre-observation conference, review the component(s) that the educator has indicated as a focus for the observation or work place visit ahead of time.  This will help the peer to observe through the lens of that component. It will also help determine the best method of documentation during the observation.(It also helps to limit irrelevant scripting of evidence and reduces the frequency of bias and interpretative statements, but you’ll learn about that in Case 3.)

Some types of documentation:

  • Tick marks showing frequency of what is seen/heard
  • Scripting what is seen/heard as related to the identified focus
  • Diagram showing locations of what is seen/heard


Angie Sellers and Melissa Howard

Harlan Middle School, Harlan Independent 

Element Assessment: Try it! Establishing a Focus, Continued.

Consider the following scenarios. Mark TRUE if the scenario represents an appropriate focus for the observation or FALSE if it does not.

A teacher has been dealing with repeated misbehavior by one student. The student has been acting progressively worse since the start of the school year. In fact, the teacher has sent the student to the office for being disruptive multiple times and the student’s behavior is only getting worse. The teacher takes great pride in having a classroom free from student misbehavior so he decided this would be something he could focus on for his peer observation.

When the teacher meets with you, he asks you to focus on the student who is not conforming to the class rules. He wants you to take notes about everything the student does during the observation time. He feels like that observation evidence would be valuable to share with the principal and counselor.
A teacher was required to attend the district-mandated Response to Intervention (RTI) professional development day this summer. Several of the teachers in her building decided to use RTI as the focus for professional growth plans so she thought that would be a good choice too. During the pre-conference for her peer observation, you mention that most teachers you had observed were focusing on RTI since they had that summer training. She tells you that RTI evidence would be fine. She will pull out that folder from the summer training and try to put something in her lesson plan. She could connect it to 3E: Demonstrating Flexibility and Responsiveness.