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Element Title: Benefits of P2P Observation and Feedback ( of 8)

The benefits of peer-to-peer observation and feedback can best be realized if the school's culture embraces a growth mindset. Take a look at this illustration of Carol Dweck's theory on Mindset. (Holmes, 2014)

Educators must feel that their strengths are celebrated and challenges understood.  When the school culture maintains a growth mindset, it is natural and desirable that teachers move among the four performance levels throughout the domains of the

Kentucky Framework for Teaching (KyFfT).


From the perspective of a growth mindset, the role of peer observer might be filled by new teachers or experienced, from the same content area or different, and by those working from all stages of career development.  As we learned from Case 1, the observer stands to learn as much as the observee.

Listen as Ashley Lamb- Sinclair talks about the role peers have played in her professional journey as an educator.

Ashley Lamb-Sinclair
North Oldham High School, Oldham County