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Peer-to-Peer Observation and Feedback (P2P)


Peer-to-peer observation and feedback can be a rewarding and fulfilling journey of professional growth and collaboration. Completing this learning advances your ability to grow and learn through experience with other educators. Kentucky's children will benefit from your commitment to promoting educator effectiveness through the use of P2P processes!

Important Information:

1. This course replaces the previous training requirement for peer observers: KET's Professional Learning for Peer Observers. Educators should refer to their district's Certified Evaluation Plan (CEP) to determine peer observation requirements. 

2. Teachers can expect to invest anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to complete this learning session depending on the depth/ level of prior knowledge teachers are equipped with upon engaging in the experience.

3. A certificate generates when you successfully complete the four required cases with a minimum pass rate of 80% on the final assessments. When the certificate generates, provide one copy for your principal and keep a copy for your records. The time stamp on the certificate indicates the time the certificate was printed; it does not indicate the time that the course was completed.

4. Your principal and/or district administrator may access your course results to review item responses and verify that you have successfully completed all requirements for peer observer certification.

5. This course is designed to be responsive to individual learner needs. In Case 5, you will find references used throughout the cases as well as other KDE-approved extended learning resources.

As you work through the four required cases in the course, the following resources will be helpful: