Case Title: 1. Rethinking Grading Part 1

Element Title: Prove-It! ( of 16)

This element contains the Prove-It! for this particular case. After you successfully answer the questions below, this case will be marked complete. Once you pass the Prove-It! for all the required cases, you will be able to print your certificate for peer observation training which will provide official documentation of your participation.

After you have successfully completed the learning in all four cases, please complete the short survey in Case 5: Extended Resources.

Element Assessment: Prove-It!

Even though the regulation outlining the Professional Growth and Effectiveness System has been eliminated, peer observation may still be required by my district CEP.‚Äč
A critical step in becoming a well-informed and qualified peer observer is a thorough review of the district CEP.
Which of the following should not be included in peer observation interactions?

A) Evaluating peers
B) Providing actionable feedback
C) Growing professionally
D) Enhancing professional relationships
The peer observation process can be mutually beneficial to the educator being observed, as well as the observer.
Why is P2P observation and feedback valuable to educators?

A) It is teacher-driven and non-threatening
B) It is a formative learning process focused on growth
C) It is an opportunity for authentic collection
D) All of the above