Case Title: 1. Rethinking Grading Part 1

Element Title: Peer Observation and the CEP ( of 16)

Thinking about the Certified Evaluation Plan (CEP)

The CEP is a public document that contains district policies and practices and may contain details related to peer observation.

As a trained peer observer, you will want to be familiar with your district’s CEP.

On the introduction page, you were asked to locate your district’s CEP. You will need to reference the CEP as you complete the following activity.  Download (graphic | PDF)

District CEP

Element Assessment: Peer Observation and the CEP

An evaluator can also be a peer observer.
If I have questions about procedures for conducting a peer observation in my school, I should first consult the Kentucky Department of Education.
Peer observers are not required to provide principals with details from the observation or post conference.
Peer Observation is the most flexible component of PGES.