Case Title: 1. Rethinking Grading Part 1

Element Title: Mastery Learning and SBG (5 of 16)

This element tackles the question "But what about retakes and Standards Based Grading?" This is something that comes up a lot when talking with teachers who are considering chaning their practice to a more standards based approach. The short answer is you don't have to give any retakes with SBG. Often people combine mastery learning and SBG together (which is awesome), but SBG is about accurately describing the student in terms of academic achievement, engagement with the learning process and growth (or product, process and progress). The mastery learning process is an instruction process designed to shrink the achievement gap in group instruction. The process goes Unit of instruction -> Assessment 1 -> Enrichment or Correctives -> Assessment 2 -> Next Unit. (see first image). The idea is through this process the spread of achievement is narrowed (which has been shown in research studies). It is not infinite retakes. You can do that if you want to, but I wouldn't suggest it. Also the instruction part of the unit can include small practice assignments, minute to minute checks, differentiation and a whole lot of other stuff.