Case Title: 1. Rethinking Grading Part 1

Element Title: Prove it! (16 of 16)

Well this part is not quite ready yet, but you need a Prove-It! to get a license, so here is some low hanging fruit for you.

Element Assessment: Standards Based Readiness

According to Bloom, formative assessments should not be included when determining a student's summative grade.
According to the Ghostbusters rule, homework should make up what percentage of a students grade?
A student turns in an assignment late. According to the Ghostbusters rule, what percentage is fair to deduct from the academic grade.
Would you allow a teacher in your school to have the following grading policy:

Since cheating on a test/assignment is worse than failing, the points reflect this sentiment. Any students caught cheating receives negative points=to the value of the assignment. (Example: Caught cheating on a midterm would make your score -250/250, not 0/250.)
Grades are required for learning.
Prescription glasses are a modification in high school physics